About Civic + Community Engagement

Our mission is to collaborate and engage with communities throughout Philadelphia bringing our expertise as designers to enhance success and aid in positive change.

This initiative seeks to connect our membership of creative thinkers and problem solvers to a wide range of giving opportunities in the communities in which we live.

What is Civic Engagement?

The premise sounds ambitious and maybe even intimidating, but civic engagement is finding ways, small or large, to participate in your community, however you define it. It’s finding an outlet for the issue you care about. It can be as personal or as public as you want to make it. It’s realizing you’re capable of bringing positive impact to your environment. There’s a good chance that if you’ve noticed a situation worth investing in, your neighbor has too!

If you’re interested in getting involved, email ssutton@philadelphia.aiga.org or come say hello to any of our committee members at an upcoming event. We’d love to hear your ideas!

• To learn more about how designers can make a difference, download Volunteering and its benefits: Demystifying Civic and Community Engagement (PDF, 62 KB)

• To learn how to get involved, download Support the School District of Philadelphia’s Office of Career and Technical Education (PDF, 65 KB)

Download our list of current initiatives that we support (PDF, 36 KB)