Join our board

We’re looking for new Board Members.

We invite you to apply for an open Board position with the AIGA Philadelphia Board. All positions are volunteer positions. The term is January 2024 – December 2026.

Our Review Process

As part of our ongoing effort to remain diverse, equitable, and inclusive, all identifying markers (name, school, business, etc.) will be removed from application materials to allow for the most objective review of skills and experience. The AIGA Philadelphia Board will review these edited documents to determine the best candidate for the position.

Board Requirements

  • Attendance of one board meeting per month
  • Five hours per week (rough estimate)
  • Attendance in as many events as you can
  • Attendance in two board retreats (all-day events) a year
  • You have experience with Google Drive and Slack (strongly preferred)
  • You have experience serving on a volunteer nonprofit board or an existing committee. Bonus points if you’ve previously served on an AIGA local chapter board. 
  • You are eager to contribute to the local creative community
  • You believe relationship-building and stakeholder engagement are essential to the growth of the chapter
  • Strong business acumen with a broad understanding of fundamental business principles
  • Experience in a leadership role or vital coaching role
  • Ability to set overall strategy and drive process improvement
  • Commitment to a two-year term in the position to support the design community
  • All new board members will be expected to attend group anti-racism training within the first 90 days on the board.
  • Membership with AIGA

Open board positions:

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Director | Treasurer | Program Director | Email Director | Sponsorship Director

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Director

The Equity & Inclusion Director will champion initiatives to help encourage diversity in design education, discourse, and practice to strengthen and expand the relevance of design in all areas of society. This person will also communicate National’s Diversity & Inclusion initiatives and share those efforts locally.

The Equity & Inclusion Director is a member of the Executive Committee and works closely with all board directors to provide resources, direction, and support for weaving DE&I into our strategic chapter planning and community offerings.


  • Work with the Executive Committee to develop an Equity & Inclusion strategy and goals for our organization, informed by the community and the National direction
  • Identify how AIGA Philadelphia can better execute on our E&I goals and initiatives
  • Participate in the National AIGA Equity & Inclusion conversation and keep chapter board informed
  • Share research, data, and other types of information related to Equity & Inclusion with the board to support them in integrating DEI principles into their planning and work
  • Educate and involve the creative community and greater Philadelphia community in E&I efforts
  • Create a committee and plan at least two DEI trainings/events per year that are open to the board and the community
  • Lead and train the board in anti-bias and racism training 


As the Treasurer, you will manage the chapter’s financial resources and financial planning. The chapter will rely on this position to perform risk management and provide recommendations on how the board is utilizing funds for chapter initiatives. The Treasurer is the guardian of the chapter’s accounts and financial records. This position will be responsible for all cash management procedures.

  • You will assume responsibility for cash management procedures and ensure that the chapter is in good standing with federal and state tax rules.
  • You will develop an operating budget, and work with the board to determine long-range financial goals and planning
  • You will prepare and present monthly and end-of-year finance reports to the board, which will include profit and loss statements for all events and program
  • You will conduct regular audits with the chapter President and Vice President and other interested board members to secure transparent operations
  • You will collaborate with the President and Vice President in completing an annual report that will be submitted to AIGA National 
  • You will maintain relations with banks, financial advisor, insurance agents, and accountants
  • You will secure insurance for Commercial Liability and Directors and Officers Liability, in addition to liquor liability for special events, as needed
  • You will send letters of receipts and W-9 form to chapter sponsors and donors
  • Maintain all treasurer-related files and records to be transferred to the incoming treasurer → Ensure a complete set of files is delivered to the next Treasurer 
  • All new board members will be expected to attend group anti-racism training within the first 90 days on the board.


  • You get excited about risk management and investments
  • You have experience with Google Spreadsheets and financial management software (experience using QuickBooks strongly preferred)

Programming Director


As the Program Director, you will lead AIGA Philadelphia’s chapter programming efforts. The Program Director will plan and implement program initiatives for our membership. They will be responsible for the delivery and overall success of these programs.


  • You will identify programming ideas and work with the Executive team to map out a program schedule and timeline
  • You will develop a list of venues and event vendors for approximately 2 marque programs/events a season
  • You will work with the programming team (Education, Mentorship, Professional Development, Exhibitions) to ensure positive chapter impact
  • You will collaborate with the Community Engagement & Partnership Director to identify and secure local sponsors
  • You will work with a team to secure venues and oversee event operations and logistics
  • You will work with the Communications Director and team to create marketing initiatives to increase awareness of programs
  • You will track, record and compile program performance data
  • You will prepare and maintain event budgets alongside the Executive Team and Treasurer


  • You are a planner and enjoy organizing and budgeting in an efficient manner
  • You have experience with event planning (strongly preferred)

Email Marketing Director


As the Email Marketing Director, you will grow our email reach by developing an email campaign strategy. The Email Marketing Director will work with the Communications Director and Social Engagement Director to execute communication strategies and keep membership engaged by developing exciting content for our monthly email newsletter. You will develop various email templates to use for different needs, such as a Newsletter, Letter from the President, and generic event emails. We are looking for someone who will commit to deadlines, work with the rest of the board to promote events, and is excited to use their knowledge to advance our current email marketing.


  • Maintain and moderate our Mailchimp
  • Collaborate with the Communications Director and Social Engagement Director to ensure that all digital communication is aligned with our branding
  • Create an engaging monthly email newsletter to share with our membership
  • Manage and build an overall email marketing strategy
  • Create various email lists and campaigns
  • Create and design various CTAs and email templates
  • Test every campaign’s success and suggest methods for improvements
  • Develop and present reports monthly
  • Attain knowledge of our social media channels and processes and assist with social media as necessary
  • Report monthly email metrics to board
  • Meet monthly with the Communications team


  • You are able to deliver creative content 
  • You have strong communication and writing skills
  • Self-motivated and independent
  • Experience with email marketing platforms, such as Mailchimp, and sharing analytics
  • Knowledge of latest digital marketing trends

Sponsorship Director


As the Sponsorship Director, you will play a vital role in supporting the chapter’s partnership initiatives, including annual partnerships, programming partnerships, resource partnerships, and in-kind donations of goods or services. The Sponsorship Chair will provide operational support to the Community Engagement Director and ensure that the board maintains partnership commitments. Working closely with the Community Engagement Director, the Sponsorship Director will collect and incorporate all partnership branding and messaging into chapter communication and materials.


  • Coordinate with the Community Engagement Director on all things related to community engagement and sponsorship
  • Maintain the chapter’s contact database that houses the information of current partners and potential prospect partners
  • Create promotional materials that showcase the value of potential partners becoming involved with AIGA Philadelphia
  • You will connect with new partners to obtain supporting marketing collateral (logos, website URLs, etc.) to include partnership branding on any applicable chapter communication materials
  • You will manage the inventory and placement of partnership materials at chapter programming events and any other benefits
  • You will ensure that our partners feel appreciated by ensuring that AIGA keeps its commitment to our partnerships
  • You will coordinate with the Treasurer on invoicing for monetary donations
  • You will collaborate with the Communications team to include a Sponsorship section in our monthly newsletter. This will include reaching out to our partnerships to collect all the material needed to be included in the newsletter, like graphics, copy, and links to necessary web pages