Philly Design Census 2024

Calling all Philly area designers! Participate now in our FIRST EVER Philly Design Census! 

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Covering topics including Identity & Community, Employment & Workplace, COVID-19 Impacts, and more, we are looking to report back with public data regarding the current state of the design industry in the Greater Philadelphia Area.

The data you share will be used:

  • To collect and publicly report out data that can help us all better understand the current state of the Greater Philadelphia Area creative community.
  • To help inform and craft supportive programming centered around the needs of creatives.
  • To fight for safer, more inclusive environments where we all thrive.
  • Your voice counts, and we wanna hear it!
  • Accepting responses through August 1, 2024
  • 100% anonymous
  • Majority of questions are multiple choice

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Graphics courtesy of Mia Culbertson @melizabethdesigns

By aigaphiladelphia
Published May 16, 2024