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Strategic Partnership Director

The Strategic Partnership Director is responsible for developing and overseeing all chapter partnership initiatives to ensure development goals are kept in line with an overall strategy for chapter financial health and membership growth/retention. The primary responsibility of the Strategic Partnership Director is to foster relationships with national and regional area businesses that align with the values and goals of AIGA.


  • Foster relationships with partner companies and organizations
  • Develop strategy for approaching potential partners
  • Create a comprehensive partnership structure with clear levels and benefits for annual and event partners
  • Coordinate with committees to understand partnership needs for events and programs and make recommendations for appropriate partners
  • Evaluate ongoing partner efforts to identify new opportunities
  • Work with current/past partners for future engagements
  • Write contracts for partners (Reviewed by President and Treasurer)

Nominations must be submitted by Friday, July 15, 2016


Nominees need not be an AIGA member at the time of nomination, but will be required to join AIGA at the Supporter level ($150) if elected to a board position.

Self-nominations are welcomed, and encouraged.

How to Submit a Nomination

To nominate yourself or someone else, please prepare a PDF document with the following information, and email it to

  • Nominee’s name and nominated position
  • A resumé or CV highlights and brief bio
  • A short statement (200 words max) describing why he/she would make a valuable board member
  • Two references we may contact for more information
  • Letter of recommendations are welcome and encouraged

If you have additional questions, please contact us at