Set in Philadelphia

It’s one of
the most popular American movies, it’s probably the first to denounce life
conditions of HIV / AIDS homosexual. We are talking about “Philadelphia”,
the 1993 movie which changed the perspective people from which look at people who
are sick of AIDS and at homosexuals.

is born from an idea of Ron Nyswaner, directed by Jonathan Demme and has got as
his protagonist Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington. Probably, you will also remember
the sound track of the whole movie, the song “Streets of Philadelphia” by Bruce
Springsteen, a really dramatic song with strong words about loneliness and homophobia
in Philadelphia.


The city of
Philadelphia is one of the biggest and crowded centers in America and still one
of those big cities where social tensions are stronger than in small towns.

The story
of the movie is pretty simple but very deep in all its authenticity and pertinence
to the themes of homophobia and AIDS. The protagonist is Andrew Beckett, played
by Tom Hanks. He is homosexual and has AIDS, but he tries to keep it as a
secret. He is jus assigned a big case by the law firm where he works, when a
partner of the firm notice a small trace on Andrew’s forehead. So, he has to
stay at home and to look for a way to hide his lesions on the body. His conditions
get worse and he has spasms at home. So the firm decides to dismiss him from
the case, moreover because the document on the case he had given his partner can’t
mysteriously be found. So Andrew wants to denounce the firm but nobody wants to
help him because of his AIDS. The whole movie shows that life isn’t a game as
easy as at ,
we have to be open to help everybody.

By aigaphiladelphia
Published January 24, 2013
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