Student Groups

AIGA supports the formation of student groups at colleges and universities. Education committee is committed to developing these groups as a way of encouraging students to take the first step in demonstrating a commitment to their professional interest and assisting them in understanding the profession. The goal of the student groups is to get the student involved in the local design community, create a community of their own and help them build leadership skills that will be valuable as they move into the professional world.

The Buzz email newsletter published by AIGA for student members to help in their education and eventual transition to the workplace as a professional designer.



Student Groups at Colleges and Universities

Moore College of Art + Design
Faculty Adviser: Dorothy Funderwhite

West Chester University
Faculty Adviser: David Jones

Tyler School of Art Temple University
Faculty Advisor: Dermot MacCormack

University of Delaware
Faculty Adviser: Ashley J. Pigford

Philadelphia University
Faculty Adviser: Renée Walker

Montgomery County Community College
Faculty Advisor: Dianne Mill

University of the Arts
Faculty Adviser: Kristie Williams

Rutgers University, Camden Campus
Faculty Adviser: Allan Espiritu



Create a Student Group

Faculty Advisor Registration form
On campus faculty advisor is designated as coordinator for the group. He/she should be recognized as an asset of the chapter, assisting in involving the students in AIGA Philadelphia and in programming for their own interests, in distributing materials and in keeping student records (particularly email addresses) current.

Student Groups Opportunities Sign up for Membership
There are numerous AIGA student groups in the greater Philadelphia area, each consisting of ten or more student members. We believe the development of great leaders can manifest through things such impactful conversations to the experiences gained when we align ourselves to valued goals. Contact our Education Board member chair to discuss any of the following opportunities.

  • Attend board meetings to gain a better understanding of what the AIGA Philadelphia Board of Directors works to provide for all members.
  • Contribute your talent or time to a project/program our education committee is currently working on.