Position: Multifaceted Multi-Medium Designer
Location: Glenside, PA
Website: psandl.com

We sure hope so.

  • Will your design portfolio scare us with its diversity of mediums from web to print?
  • Will you shrink under the pressure of actual paid creative work on a full time basis, considering you’ll have to really think hard constantly?
  • Would you rather punch a clown than a time clock?
  • Do you believe in yourself enough to know that a paycheck is not your life’s validation — but don’t enjoy getting shafted for your talent?


If you answered affirmatively to the previous questions please gather the items below and send them to: bob@psandl.com. No phone calls please.

  • Your portfolio of work
  • Less than 100 earth shattering words about yourself
  • A recommendation
  • Diplomas are good if they’re fresh



  • Research & Creative
  • Single industry market with broad opportunities for design exploration
  • Profit focused yet client centric mindset
  • Detailed multi media comprehensive brand and marketing campaigns
  • Comfortable modern/historic physical environment with all the studio comforts
  • Incredibly convenient to public transportation
  • Parking!