Position: Freelance Designers
Location: Havertown, PA
Website: Modern Good

Modern Good is seeking exceptional designers (junior and/or senior level) to work on logo development and comprehensive identity systems. The candidate should have a diverse portfolio of work and have the capacity to work in any media, print, digital, or 3 dimensional. Can work remotely if need be.


  • Works on Mac
  • Able to use the Adobe Creative Suite
  • Able to present work clearly
  • Able to manage projects and deadlines
  • Must be organized
  • Have exceptional typographic skills
  • Able to experiment and explore
  • Able to meet deadlines and complete projects when needed
  • Able to have fun


  • Report and collaborate with the principal designer Matt Bouloutian
  • Work independently
  • Research, Design and Production
  • Possibly work with other collaborators


  • Project dependent

If you are ready to create award winning work please send your resume and work samples to: info@moderngood.com