Position: Freelance Junior Designer

Location: Havertown, PA

Website: modern good

Start Date: Project dependent, ongoing

Salary Range: Project dependent (hourly and flat rates)

Job Description:
Modern Good is seeking junior designers to work on non-profit and educational clients. The candidate should have a diverse portfolio of work and a passion for design, typography and creating beautiful smart communications. Can work remotely if need be. The designer will report and collaborate with principal designer Matt Bouloutian.
Candidates should have the capacity to work independently in any media, print, digital, or 3 dimensional. Coding is not a necessity.

  • Works on Mac
  • Able to use the Adobe Creative Suite
  • Able to present work clearly
  • Able to manage projects and deadlines
  • Must be organized
  • Have exceptional typographic skills
  • Able to experiment and explore
  • Able to meet deadlines and bring a project to a completion when needed
  • Able to have fun while working
  • Create outstanding design
Benefits and Salary:
Fees and/or hourly rates are project dependent.
To Apply:
If you are ready to create award winning work Please send your resume and work samples to: info@moderngood.com
Email Subject line should say: Freelance Senior Designer See Modern Good work at Moderngood.com or on Instagram. Thank you!