Manuel Estrada Lecture

Philadelphia University welcomes influential Spanish designer *Manuel Estrada* to the DEC Center forum for a special engagement this Thursday,
September 26th. Join us for an exploration of this seminal designer's profound career, as he visits the United States in conjunction with the
retrospective “Estrada: Sailing through design” exhibition currently at the AIGA National Design Center until October 7, 2013.

One of the most important graphic designers in Spain, Manuel Estrada is the Chairman of the Asociación Diseñadores de Madrid (DIMAD—Madrid
Designers' Association), member of the Consejo Superior de Enseñanzas Artísticas de España (Higher Education Council of Spain) and executive
chairman of the steering committee of the Iberoamerican Design Biennal, Manuel Estrada is also a teacher, communicator and thinker.

Estrada, who has primarily devoted himself to corporate identity and editorial design, has worked for some of the most significant cultural
institutions and companies in Spain, including Línea Madrid and Bibliometro projects for the city of Madrid, corporate identities for international
companies like Repsol, literary work such as the Cervantes Prize brand, design of gastronomy magazine *Spain Gourmetour *and illustrations for
books by Nobel Prize-winning author José Saramago. Through Estrada’s designs, we encounter the writers, institutions and events that are at the
core of contemporary Spanish life.

*“Estrada: Sailing through design”* is an exhibition structured around the graphic designer Manuel Estrada’s visual diaries, which he uses to register
his working process including ideas, perceptions and first sketches.

Thursday, September, 26 | 7:00pm

Philadelphia University
DEC Center Forum

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Sponsored by PhilaU Graphic Design Program and PhilaU AIGA Student Group

By aigaphiladelphia
Published November 9, 2013