Creative Director

Position: Intern
Location:  Philadelphia, PA
Position-Type: Part-Time
Start Date: ASAP
Pay: Monthly stipend ranges from $348-$522, depending on hours worked.

Job Description: 
Graphic Design + Social Intern

We are looking for a creative thinker with ambitious curiosity and a passion for video and social to work with our creative team on a variety of projects ranging from concept/brainstorm sessions, logo and design ideation, animation, social and presentation design. We will work alongside you to provide mentorship with a diverse group of people on our team including our animation designer, senior designer and marketing director while being mentored by our Creative Director.

• Ideally 3+ years of design school

• Strong understanding of creative suite – including after effects

• Strong understanding of basic design principles

• Experience with major social platforms: FB, Instagram, LinkedIn • Positive attitude!

Benefits and Salary:
Monthly stipend ranges from $348-$522, depending on hours worked. We pay through our normal payroll practices, which is twice per month.

Please include an email address or website for applicants to send resumes to

By aigaphiladelphia
Published September 27, 2023