Designers with Kids

What a year it has been! Put aside pandemic, political, and social discourse, what about being a caregiver while working as a designer in these unforgiving times? Whether you are in the throes of toddlers and teething, keeping teenagers on top of their remote learning, or just trying to ensure a little less screen time for your kid of any age, come step into our safe space to express your fears, anxieties, and disappointments - as well as your hopes, wins and moments of gratitude.

If your Zoom meetings are peppered with requests for snacks, help with homework, and other unmentionable activities, this event is for you! Converse and chat with fellow parents and learn how they cope with the struggles of designing and parenting

Parent Kid bingo cards will be provided.

This event is pay what you wish with 50% of the proceeds distributed to the AIGA Scholarship Fund. The AIGA Philadelphia Scholarship Fund is an annual scholarship program that will support local design students by awarding financial assistance to pursue their education. Learn more.

Co-Moderator - Renee Walker

Renee is a full-time faculty member at Thomas Jefferson University in Visual Communication Design and co-founder of the two women design studio Gold Collective. She has been through the very physical stages of designing with a baby strapped to her at on-site installations and the psychological challenges of having her second child during her first year teaching. She now works diligently in her basement office while fielding questions from a virtual second grader and dealing with the everyday ups and downs of preschool life.

Co-Moderator - Pamela Raitt

Pamela is an established leader who has spent the last 25 years helping global brands create meaningful, memorable cross-channel touch-points, helping them establish or reset their brand identity, leading enterprise-level digital initiatives, and fostering human-centric innovation and design thinking practices into her clients’ work, and cultures. As Chief Strategy Officer at Bellatrix Group, she oversees all aspects of the firm’s go-to-market strategy and service portfolio, and works directly with clients to identify and map out their brand and business objectives, understand and empathize with their core customer, figure out how technology can best support their goals, and ultimately how to turn their customers into engaged loyalists. She also runs the firm’s CX department, overseeing customer research, service design and POC programs for its clients.

When & Where
Wed, Mar 3, 2021 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM EST