Community Event: Hi-Res Design from Memory

Hi-Res and Masthead Print Studio are thrilled to announce the Hi-Res Design From Memory Art Show, Saturday, April 21, from 6-9pm at Masthead Print Studio.

Over 30 previous guests of Hi-Res are creating pieces inspired by the question, “What was your first design memory?” It’s a question that—over the course of 80+ episodes of Hi-Res—host Ryan Starr consistently asks his guests. It’s also the one that produces the most compelling answers.

Come out, have a beer, buy an awesome piece of art and support a great cause!

Proceeds from the evening will go to the Nebinger Art Program.

The program is run by Leslie Grace, who’s been teaching in the Philadelphia area for 13 years and has been recognized as the 2016 Outstanding Elementary Art Educator of the Year by The PAEA, and as 2016 Educator of the Year from the Center for Creative Learning Through the Arts (in Philadelphia). Miss Grace has created the art program from scratch through crowd sourced fundraising and support from Friends of Nebinger and Queen Village Neighborhood Association grants. She has a passion for art education in the Urban setting, and works to make sure all her students feel safe, nurtured and free to express themselves through the arts.

About Hi-Res

Hi-Res is a one-on-one podcast with designers, illustrators and photographers in Philadelphia about the experiences that have helped shape their careers and influence their work. The show started in May of 2015 and new episodes post on Tuesdays, every two weeks, on iTunes, Google Play and

About Masthead Print Studio

Masthead Print Studio specializes in establishing an environment for local printmakers to create and show their work. Each show is aimed at giving the artists and attendants a look into the creative process. We have done lectures and open studios for such groups as the Mural Arts Program and the Art Factory. For more information or to submit a proposal please email

When & Where
Sat, Apr 21, 2018 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Masthead Print Studio
208 Fairmount Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19123