Creative Open House: SEER Interactive & Bluecadet

the creative process goes open source

Creativity does not occur in a vacuum. Instead, innovation requires a company’s culture, collaborative practices and physical space to function as a whole. While many companies are certain that they want a encourage creativity in their workforce, the methods still elude them. The first in a three part series presented by the Arts & Business Council, Creative Open House: SEER Interactive & Bluecadet will showcase the creative and collaborative processes instituted by two leading interactive technology firms and show how their methods can add value to the internal and external interactions of any company.

Our conversation will take place at the offices of SEER Interactive; a refurbished church, originally built in 1850, affectionately named the “Search Church.”

The Conversation:
Josh Goldblum – Founder & Creative Director, Bluecadet
Ethan Lyon – SEO Consultant, SEER Interactive
Adam Melson – SEO Consultant, SEER Interactive

The Moderator:
Alex Hillman – Co-Founder, Indy Hall

This event is not wheelchair accessible.

SEER Interactive
1028 N. 3rd Street
Philadelphia , PA us

By aigaphiladelphia
Published October 28, 2012