Cooper IxD workshop

Cooper is a bay-area based user experience design firm that has been coaching companies to deliver better produces and services for 20 years is bringing it's foundational class in interaction design to Philadelphia this December.

This course is designed to give you the fundamentals of interaction design. With step-by-step guidance from industry experts, you’ll build your toolkit with skills like:

  • Conducting user research with powerful ethnographic techniques
  • Translating observations into goals, personas, and scenarios
  • Developing and prioritizing requirements based on user and business goals
  • Quickly turning those requirements into a concrete product concept

In this four-day training, product managers, developers, usability professionals, marketers, and design practitioners will learn methods and techniques to design products and services that delight users. Participants learn through hands-on experience by working on an example product and collaborating on a new team.

We’re partnering with the University of Arts to host this class in an environment that supports artistic achievement and education. It is one of the few universities solely dedicated the arts and design, and serves as a true catalyst from creativity and collaboration. The University of the Arts’ campus is located in Center City (downtown) just minutes away from thriving cultural environments and historical firsts.

December 3-6, 2013

Terra Board Room, University of the Arts, 211 South Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA


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By aigaphiladelphia
Published November 9, 2013