AIGA Centennial: Celebrating a Century of Design

In 2014, AIGA turns 100! Established in 1914 as an institute dedicated to the graphic arts, AIGA’s focus and reach have continually expanded. From 40 founders to 24,000 members and from a New York club to a nationwide network, what began as the old guard of a new profession has become a rich and active community embracing diverse and rapidly changing expressions of design.

As a national organization, AIGA has experienced many milestones: more than 150 AIGA medalists have been honored; scores of competitions have highlighted design excellence; dozens of conferences have gathered peers and legends. But the pulse of AIGA is in the volunteer-led activities of our 67 chapters.

Whether you get involved with local activities, explore an exhibition or attend a national event, celebrate AIGA by celebrating design this year!

  • Centennial Panel Discussion: Featuring founding president Joel Katz, vice president Bob Warkulwiz, secretary Dale Strominger Parenti, and founding members Alina Wheeler and Hans-U. Allemann.
  • Facing Forward: AIGA at 100: A chair design exhibition featuring submissions from dozens of AIGA members nationwide including Philadelphia’s own Tim Pacific and Allan Espiritu.
  • 100 Days of Designers: An online feature will highlight the work and interesting facts about 100 Philadelphia-area designers.
  • Philadelphia Design History Project: An expansive documentary resource of Philadelphia’s design history produced by AIGA Philadelphia, in the form of a book and short film.
  • AIGA Philly Night Caps: A podcast/talk-show series celebrating the diversity of the design industry with Philadelphia’s creative leaders.
  • 100 Years of Design: An interactive exploration of design’s rich legacy and growing impact where you can share your own perspective on design’s past, present, and future.