3 Philly women artists share secrets of entrepreneurship

3 Philly women artists share secrets of entrepreneurship

By Renata Certo-Ware – Billy Penn

The mood started off decidedly somber. The AIGA Philadelphia-sponsored discussion of Design*Sponge founder Grace Bonney’s new book, In the Company of Women, had been scheduled for Nov. 9 for quite some time — way before anyone knew how the election would turn out.

“This is an event that I thought would be very momentous, and it is — but for a very different reason than I thought it would be,” said Bonney, as she opened the evening with a few poorly held-back tears.

“While I don’t presume to know anyone’s political affiliation here, or your feelings, I want you to know that above all, this space is a safe one,” she continued, setting the tone for the conversation to follow. “We are going to discuss our fears, our hopes, our dreams…and ask questions, to learn from each other.”

The event was the last stop on Bonney’s five-week, 12-city book tour, each of which showcased a panel of local makers/artists/entrepreneurs.

In Philly, the author was joined by Cuban-American artist Veronica Corzo-Duchardt, cookbook author and pastry chef Klancey Miller, floral designer Sullivan Owen and Kimberly Glyder, an illustrator who focuses on book covers. Corzo-Duchardt and Miller are both featured in the book, and Owen’s floral arrangements — and studio makeover — have appeared on Design*Sponge.

The sold-out event brought nearly 400 women (and a handful of men) together in the auditorium at Moore College of Art and Design to hear about the challenges and joys of being a woman entrepreneur in the creative sphere.

“The timing of this event could not have been more perfect,” said AIGA Philadelphia’s Aimee Cicero. “If this election cycle taught us anything, it’s that we still have a lot of work to do in the battle for gender equality, and spending an evening with these five amazing women was just the inspiration we needed to keep on fighting.”

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By aigaphiladelphia
Published November 21, 2016