2022 Mentorship Program

2022 Enrollment is now closed.

About the Mentorship Program

Launched over ten years ago, the AIGA Philadelphia chapter offers a Mentorship Program that engages professionals in a short-term, one-on-one mentoring relationship with fellow practitioners primarily in the Philadelphia area. Although with these unprecedented times we’re currently offering this program to anyone in the United States to be taken advantage of in the virtual sense. 

Each mentoring relationship is unique: you set your individual goals with your partner, drawing on the experience of the mentor and the aspirations and interests of the mentee. Meeting schedules are fully flexible to your schedule. Make time to meet (virtually or in person if you’re comfortable) at least once a month if possible. It’s really dependent on what you’re both capable of taking on.

AIGA Philadelphia provides ongoing support to you during the term and will host a few optional (virtual) events where you can meet up with other mentors and mentees in the program (completely optional but all are welcome!).

For more information, tips, tricks, and additional resources check out this guide.

Who Should Apply?

Mentors: Active professionals—employed or retired—in the field of any design practice, communications, advertising, interactive media, or related areas with a minimum of five years of professional experience. Mentors are encouraged, but not required, to be members of AIGA. 

Mentees: All are encouraged and welcomed—there’s no restrictions. From someone who has several years of experience, to an emerging designer, or a student in their last year of school (undergrad or graduate)—whomever you are if you seek mentorship, apply! 

While we do our best to place most applicants to the program, we have a limited number of slots available each term. 

What is the cost?
There is no fee to join the program.

Are in-person meetings required?
Due to the ongoing pandemic health concerns, it’s perfectly acceptable to have an entirely virtual mentoring partnership. Mentor and mentee pairs are welcome to meeting in a socially distant setting if both are comfortable with it, but there is no mandate to do so.

Please contact our Mentorship Director, Joe Pascavage, at jpascavage@philadelphia.aiga.org.

Sponsor this program

Partnering with AIGA Philadelphia as a corporate sponsor is a wonderful way to show your support for our organization and take advantage of an excellent advertising opportunity for your business.

For more information or to become a sponsor, please contact our Mentorship Director, Joe Pascavage, at jpascavage@philadelphia.aiga.org.

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By aigaphiladelphia
Published October 27, 2021