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Featuring interactive design and web animation. Animated GIFs, old-school flash work, after effects creations and interactive artwork…

Geeks en masse will see the displayed work since our exhibition will coincide with Philly Tech Week and continue through April. Alongside projections of the work, lenticular prints by Silicon Fine Art Prints, we will be covering SPACE with QR codes (gasp!) for a new kind of gallery experience!

Selected Work by
Andron, Sabina; Beiersdorfer, Crystal L; Bellomy, Ian; Blassey, Valerie; Bluecadet; Decker, Theresa; Dietrich, Kevin; Gaidula, Danniel; Holby, Duncan; Jones, David; Kaszuba, Nathan; Kline, Tyler; Koenitzer, Gary; Lawrence, Sarah; Lee, Youmee; Luis, Ramon; Macinsky, Michelle; Marcus, Ellen; Moma Design Studio; Montenegro, Jon; Morgan, Wade; Naghshbandi, Ghazaal; Nykamp, Michael; Plankton Art Co.; Potts, Nichole; Rhodes, Megan; Roewer, Joel; Safarzadeh, Sara; Sazhin, Denis; Schmidt, Andrew; Seslow, Ryan; Shanks, Christine; Shao, Vivienne; Simpson, Jimmy; Sok, Simon; Whimsy, Lord; Windsor, Ben; Wolfe, Hazlett; Zazenski, Kathryn

Video from the First Friday Opening Reception

On April 10th you’ll also have the unique opportunity to hear RJ Rushmore discuss his new book, Viral Art, which examines the intersection of street art and the internet. In Viral Art RJ poses that the best way for street art and graffiti to stay relevant is for artists to take over the public space of the internet and he traces how the histories of street art and graffiti have been shaped by communication technologies, from trading photos by hand to publishing books to sharing videos online. Learn More and RSVP (this event is FREE)

Lecture Date
Thursday, April 10, 6-8pm

Opening Reception
First Friday | April 4, 6–9pm

April 1 – April 30

72 North 2nd Street (at Arch Street) | Google Map

Wednesdays and Thursdays | 3:00-7:00pm
Fridays and Saturdays | 1:00-7:00pm

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