Pamela Raitt
Strategic Partnership Director

Pamela Raitt

Strategic Partnerships Director

Pamela is an established leader who has spent the last 25 years helping global brands create meaningful,memorable cross-channel touch-points, helping them establish or reset their brand identity, leading enterprise-level digital initiatives, and fostering human-centric innovation and design thinking practices into her clients’ work, and cultures. As Chief Strategy Officer at Bellatrix Group, she oversees all aspects of the firm’s go-to-market strategy and service portfolio, and works directly with clients to identify and map out their brand and business objectives, understand and empathize with their core customer, figure out how technology can best support their goals, and ultimately how to turn their customers into engaged loyalists. She also runs the firm’s CX department, overseeing customer research, service design and POC programs for its health-care clients.
Pamela began her career on Madison Avenue and was privileged to work across channels with large consumer brands including Bank of America, Lucky Strike, CVS and Wendy’s. She later spent several years in Silicon Valley where she helped then-emergent brands like Microsoft, eBay, Sony, Yahoo! and Charles Schwab create unique, memorable digital engagement strategies for their prospects and customers. Eventually she made her way to product development, where she spent seven years overseeing a global experience design team that worked across content strategy, user experience, user interface design and front-end development to bring end-to-end, platform-driven initiatives to global clients including YouTube.
Pamela is also on the Board of Women in Media Global and serves on the Ben Franklin Investment Advisory Council.
Pamela lives in Philadelphia’s Chestnut Hill with her partner Geoff, 14-year-old son Hudson, and their two cats Clifford and Cinnamon.