Chrissie DiAngelus
Special Events Director

Chrissie DiAngelus

Chrissie DiAngelus is a visual artist and organizational change and communications professional. For 15 years she worked in the nonprofit arts sector, including several years at Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation. In 2007 she founded Piccadilly Arts to serve creative businesses, artists, and nonprofits, and spent nearly a decade guiding careers, booking and routing regional and national tours, and producing thoughtful value-based strategic communications campaigns. She spoke frequently on communications and design at various arts conferences.

These days, she is back in IT where she pulls from her arts and entrepreneurial experience and gracefully navigates the often ambiguous world of organization and project change with a focus on empathy and human-centered communications and design.

Outside of work, she is a fitness enthusiast who recently completed her third Philly 10K with a personal record. After many years of being on the admin side of the arts, she is rediscovering her own artistic voice, working again in mixed media, paints and printmaking. She also enjoys coaching other creative entrepreneurs on business strategy.

Chrissie is a graduate of Saint Joseph’s University and holds a B.S. in Business and Fine Art. She lives in Swarthmore with her husband, son, and Boston Terriers.